Phenomenal Women


Maria Tallchief debuts in The Firebird

          Phenomenal Women 

                 Opening Reception October 11 6-8 p.m.

                  Clickworkspace, 9 1/2 Market Street

                        Northampton, Ma.




This is a  celebration of seven remarkable women who have inspired millions worldwide.   Against unfavorable odds, they excelled not only in their respective fields, but  became aspirational role models. In addition to being phenomenally talented, most were tough and aggressive, and all were fearless and  tenacious. 


All the pieces. including the mannequins, are wholly or in part made of paper-tissue, grocery bags, heavy duty watercolor,  kraft and paper mache. The paper is first painted, then stitched or glued in place.  


The instillation took two years to create.  I am extremely grateful for the support of Mary Yun, Zara Usman, Lisa Papademetriou and my dear husband Bob Belkin